Why Our Electrician’s Suggest Whole-House Surge Protectors

whole house surge protection

Families today have many electronic devices in their homes. Consumption of power can be high due to the abundance of devices used today. Damaging power surges that start inside your home are common due to the high power demand. Surges can also be caused by storms and downed power lines. There are home appliances that families depend on every day like heating and cooling systems, washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves. If these items are damaged by a power surge, everyday functions such as cooking and washing clothes can become impossible.

Other electronics that can be affected are the devices we depend on for communication, information, and entertainment such as TVs and computers. Minor power surges happen in milliseconds and can ruin electronics. Having a whole-house protector can protect all your electrical devices.

Protect the Electronics You Love

We rely on electronics for everything from checking the weather, finding recipes, communicating with friends and family, cleaning cloths, and binge-watching our favorite shows. Many of our devices, including LED lights, use electronic circuit boards to function. These circuit boards can be very sensitive to power surges.

You Can Protect Your Whole House

Whole-house surge protectors not only prevent damage to larger electronic devices but also provide protection to every outlet in your house. This means when you plug in your phone, tablet, or exercise machine, your whole house surge protector is keeping them safe.

Whole-House Power Surge Protectors Are Inexpensive

A whole-house surge protector can be installed for less than the cost of a major appliance and give every electronic device in your home protection. It makes sense to invest in protecting your electronics as they help your life run smoothly, and it can be time-consuming and expensive to replace them.

Whole-House Power Surge Protectors Are the Solution to Surges that Start Inside Your Home

The NEMA Surge protection institute is a non-profit trade association that does outreach to educate people about surge protection. The NEMA informs us that 60 to 80percent of power surges start inside the home. These power surges are caused by the normal cycling of major appliances as they turn on and off throughout the day. This includes such things as heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, and washers. These cycles occur throughout the day and can cause electronics to burn out.

Whole-House Power Surge Protector Are Highly Recommended.

The National Fire Protection Association and the Institute for Business and Home Safety highly recommend the installation of surge protectors. Installing a whole-house surge protector sounds like a good investment. Knowing what to look for in a whole-house surge protector is an important next step.

  • It is best to opt for a surge protector with a minimum 50 kilo-amps rating. Less-expensive models can burn out easily and are a poor long-term investment.
  • The device must have the most recent UL No. 1449 safety rating.
  • You want to choose a model that not only protects your electronics but also your cable, satellite, telephone, and internet devices.
  • Have a professional install your whole house surge protector.

You can schedule the installation of your whole-house surge protector device today with the electricians at On Deck Electric and be on your way to protecting all your home’s important electronics.